Mystery Outing

Bowling at Big AL's 2022-02-05

Fun and Thrilling Snow Trip on the 26th and 27th of February.

We had tons of fun playing in the fresh snow and even having a snowball fight or sledding. It was exhilarating.

An amazing trip to Coyote Hills on the 19th and 20th of March

We started of with a short hike and an amazing view of the coast. We then had lunch in the rain but that didn't stop us from having a blast. We reached the campout and setup the tents. We learned about a new type of cooking called Dutch oven and had marshmallows and songs around the little fire. We left in the morning knowing we would never forget this outing.

We had a BLAST and the Black Diamond Mines in April

We arrived at the main parking lot and we played card games and tag since we had to wait for the campsite to open up. We went to the visitor's center and explored the mine there. We backpacked up to the campsite and set up camp. We played some more card games, and then we decided to go to a small mine, around a mile from the campsite. We explored it, but it was very cramped and small, so we returned. We started preparing dinner (oatmeal), but we didn't have enough water, so we used some of the adult's water. Then, we played charades and we had cracker barrel. We then went to sleep and woke up at 7. We made breakfast (oatmeal) and packed up. We backpacked back to the parking lot and left for Warm Springs.

An spectacular day outing to the San Francisco National Cemetery on the 28th of May

We started of with the flag ceremony everyone was given flags to put on the graves to remember the fallen veterans of our beloved country. We worked hard and made sure the follow the instructions and respect the dead. We learned some history on the soldiers and planted as many flags as we could. In the end we had planted over a hundred flags and gave the veterans the respect they deserved. In the end we got to go to the Golden Gate Bridge and had a blast.